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Product name:Positive and negative pressure multi station continuous process high speed heat forming machine
Product description:

CPET microwave tray,lid,fruit and veg tray,pancake tray,disposable meal box,disposable food box,instant noodle bowel cover,milky tea lid,coffee lid,beverage cup,ice-cream cup,jelly cup,packing box,flower pot,seedling tray,plastic package of article of everyday use,package of liquor,package of electronic products.


Main technical specifications:

机型 适应物料 电机功率 片材宽度 片材深度 工作效率 最大成型面积 耗气量 加热功率
Model Suitable for material Motor Power Sheet width Sheet depth Word efficiency Max forming area Air consumption Heating power
HCB PS,PP, 11KW 0.3-1.2mm 120mm ≦45模次/分钟 760*540mm 3000-3500L/min 143KW

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