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Product name:Hydraulic intelligent full servo silent cup making machine
Product description:

This thermoforming Machine is four pillars design,that mean the machine can get more big forming area and more output!And also with adopt Servo motor feeding and PLC control system.and with energy saving heater can save enery 70%.It can produce various kind of disposible plastic cup,plastic containers of cooling drinks,sour milk,ice-cream,fast food,or instant noodle,as well as different kinds of merchandise packages of medicine,toy,journal.
Textile and light industry,etc.


Main technical specifications:

型号 HYC-850 HYC-900
成型面积(mm) 750*650 850*650
适应片材宽度(mm) 720 850
成型深度(mm) 140/220 140/220
工作效率 次/分钟 25-35 25-35
耗气量(L/min) 4000-5000 4000-5000
整机外形尺寸(m) 10*2.1*2.3 12*4*2.5
整机功率(kw) 77 87
整机重量(t) 8 11

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