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Product name:Three screw coextrusion sheet extrusion machine
Product description:

This line is specially used for producing PP/PS multi-layer sheet or plate,suitable in the fields of packaging,stationery,chemicals and so on.


Main technical specifications:

型号 Model HPC-900(φ110/90/65)
模对宽度 Width Of Die Head 900MM
适用原料 Material PP.PS
片材宽度 Width Of Sheet 800MM
三辊尺寸 Three Roller Size Φ420MM*900MM*3
斜式 oblique
片材厚度 Thickness Of Sheet 0.3-2.0MM
螺杆尺寸 Screw Size Φ110*34 Φ90*33 Φ65*33
总功率 Total Power 175KW
工作功率 Working Power 75KW
线速 Speed 15-20M/ 
产量 Capacity 500KG/小时
设备尺寸 Dimension 16*4.5*2.2
设备重量 Weight 15吨(T)

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